Tomahawk Marsh Returning to Prairie and Wetland Heritage

Tomahawk Marsh in Sac County is undergoing a face lift of sorts.

According to the Iowa DNR, parts of the 428 acre wildlife area just north of Lake View has been reshaped to create small seasonal wetlands, and many of the trees have been removed to reclaim the prairie and emphasize the grassland and wetland ecosystem. The plan is to remove trees from the portions of the area that will be seeded to prairie, and staff will increase the frequency of prescribed fire to maintain the prairie, weather permitting.

The DNR is working with a local partner as part of the beginning farmers program to do the mowing required for a new prairie, the planting and spraying of the sunflower fields, and planting food plots. The goal of the management plan is to keep the native shrubs, and to maintain about 35 acres in ag fields as small food plots of corn, soybeans, and sunflowers.