BVRMC Medical Director Talks R-S-V ; Virus on the Rise Especially in Kids Statewide

Iowa hospitals are reporting surges in children being brought to emergency rooms with cases of R-S-V, which stands for respiratory syncytial virus.

Buena Vista Regional Medical Center ER Medical Director Dr. Garrett Feddersen says R-S-V is more dangerous for young children because their airways are smaller and cannot handle swelling from the virus the way older children and adults can…(audio clip below :16 )

Feddersen says there are some prevention measures to keep in mind, especially when it comes to newborns…(audio clip below :28 )

Feddersen says there are a few R-S-V symptoms to look out for…(audio clip below :26 )

Feddersen says another late sign of R-S-V in kids is grunting with every breath.

According to a state hygienic lab report, there were 810 R-S-V cases reported statewide during the first week of November, up from 568 the week before.