Newell Elevator Receives Iowa Renewable Fuels Grant

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program Board at its meeting earlier this month approved 15 project applications and 11 supplemental grant requests.

The total amount of the grants is over 800-thousand dollars. 12 of the 15 projects are for E-15 infrastructure, three are biodiesel terminals, and the 11 previously funded ethanol projects received supplemental grants of six-thousand dollars each.

One of the grants is going to Growmark FS in Newell for a biodiesel terminal. The amount of that grant is 50-thousand dollars.

The Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program helps fuel retailers provide higher blends of lower cost Iowa grown biofuels to consumers by incentivizing the installation, replacement, and conversion of ethanol and biodiesel dispensing and storage infrastructure.

The supplemental grants were awarded to retailers that have added tanks and associated equipment. Retailers must be awarded multiple RFIP grants and complete their projects within one year of installation in order to receive the grants. To date, over 5.7-million dollars of funding for this fiscal year has been awarded to 119 biofuels infrastructure projects.


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