Iowa Farmers Limited by Last Week’s Rain

Rain last week limited Iowa farmers to only 1.4 days suitable for fieldwork, with just one day suitable in northwest Iowa, according to the latest crop progress report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Only five percent of topsoil and ten percent of subsoil in northwest Iowa is short or very short of moisture. 59 percent of northwest Iowa topsoil has adequate moisture, and 69 percent of subsoil in northwest Iowa has adequate moisture.

47 percent of Iowa’s expected corn crop has been planted. Only eight percent of corn was planted last week, thus progress went from ahead of average to lagging two days behind both last year and the five-year average. Seven percent of corn has emerged, three days ahead of last year, and one day ahead of the average. 61 percent of northwest Iowa corn has been planted

30 percent of the expected soybean crop has been planted statewide and in northwest Iowa. Soybean planting in Iowa is two days behind last year. Four percent of soybeans have emerged across the state.


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