Storm Lake Police Department Service Award Winners Announced

The Storm Lake Police Department has announced the recipients of their annual Service Awards.

This year’s Storm Lake PD Officer of the Year award winner is Thomas Lane.

Office assistant Jessica Meyer is the winner of this year’s Civilian of the Year. Lietenant Matt Younie and Officer Mitchell McDonald are the recipients of the Life Saving Award for their response to a call of an unconscious person choking. The Top Shooter Award goes to Officer Cody Cameron. The Five-Year Service Stripe Award goes to Officer Tyler Munden. Officer Vu Nguyen gets the police department’s Duty Knife Award in recognition of graduating from the Storm Lake Police Department’s Field Training Program.

The Storm Lake Police Department received two major awards last year, including the U.S. Secretary of Defense Freedom Award, and the ICMA Community Equity and Inclusion Award.

The Storm Lake Police Department will be celebrating 2022 honors and presenting the annual Service Awards for outstanding officer performance during National Police Week, which is May 14th through the 20th. The full list of award winners can be found below.

The following awards will be presented to members of the Storm Lake Police Department during National Police Week:

Chief’s Commendations for efficient and effective response to incidents:

Presented in recognition of response to an attempted murder case in March of 2022: recipients Lieutenant Jeff Lundberg, Officer Cody Cameron, Detective Bre Nieland, and Officer Thomas Lane.

Presented in recognition of response during a barricaded gunman with a hostage call in May of 2022: Assistant Chief Patrick Diekman, Detective Randy Weflen, Detective Bre Nieland, Lieutenant Matt Younie; Officer Alyssa Solem, Officer Vu Nguyen, Officer Clinton Butler, Officer Mitch McDonald, Officer Cody Cameron and Officer Dulce Salinas. Additionally, Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Sergeants Bill Sankey and Joe Speers, and deputies Carter Beckman, Brian Shreck, Tayler Cary and Adam Nieland will be honored for their contributions.

Presented in recognition of response to an attempted murder call in August of 2022: Lieutenant Matt Younie, Detective Bre Nieland, Officer Cody Cameron, Officer Thomas Lane, Officer Derien Beauregard.

Presented in response to a stabbing incident that occurred in December of 2022: Lieutenant Ray Eickholt, Detective Bre Nieland, Officer Gerardo Bravo, Officer Alyssa Solem, Officer Tyler Munden, Officer Clinton Butler, Officer Derien Beauregard, Officer Mitchell Fritz.