Storm Lake St. Mary’s Exceeds Goal at Food Packing Event

Storm Lake St. Mary’s exceeded their goal at their food packing event held at the school on Tuesday.

St. Mary’s partners with the “Then Feed Just One” group out of LeMars. The goal was to pack 60-thousand meals, and principal Ryan Berg says they ended up packing a total of 60-thousand-912 meals on Tuesday…(audio clip below)

St. Mary’s has now packed a total of 834-thousand-408 meals since they started the event in 2010. St. Mary’s students, faculty members, and others affiliated with the school, as well as community members worked shifts throughout the day on Tuesday. Several community businesses also sent employees to be part of the food packing process. The meals will be sent to needy people in Honduras.

Donations can still be made toward the project, as Berg says any money received that went beyond the cost for this year will be set aside to go toward next year’s event. Contact the school for more information.



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