BV Supervisors to Continue Discussion on Whether or Not to Keep Former Colorize Building ; Public Hearing Held This Morning

The Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing at their meeting this (Tues) morning regarding their decision last month to sell the former Colorize building that they voted to purchase several months prior.

The Board originally approved the purchase of the building with the intent to relocate the Auditor’s office and have additional space for voting equipment. Concerns have been raised since then about which departments would occupy the building, and continuity among certain departments possibly being affected if the auditor isn’t in the courthouse.

Former BV County treasurer Sherie Elbert questioned why the Board voted to purchase the building if they weren’t sure if the auditor was actually going to relocate there…(audio clip below :32 )

The building was purchased for 340-thousand dollars last summer. The Supervisors, on a 3-2 vote, approved selling the building last month, although that may not happen.

County Treasurer Danelle Haberman supports keeping the building and using it. She pointed out that not all counties have all offices in the courthouse.

Election Deputy Karla Ahrendsen supports keeping the building, but said certain issues remain unsolved…(audio clip below :21 )

Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Joe Keller said Veterans Affairs could benefit from being in the building. Keller said the county is just “spinning its wheels.”

Supervisor Kelly Snyder is in favor of keeping the building and making some use of it.

Supervisor Paul Merten said it was always his intention for the auditor to move into the building, and could see two or three departments moving there. He said something is needed that’s ground level.

Supervisor Rhonda Ringgenberg said there are other options that can be explored. Ringgenberg and Supervisor Don Altena previously voted to sell the building.

Supervisor Kathy Croker, who joined the Board in the middle of the buying and selling process, said she wants more information and communication from the county buildings committee…(audio clip below :24 )

Croker made the motion to sell the old Colorize building a few weeks ago.

The Supervisors plan on having a work session with building committee members after their meeting next week.

The Board will continue discussion on keeping or selling the building and possibly take action at their meeting on May 2nd.


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