Cherokee School District Stakeholders Share Thoughts on New Policy Regarding Armed Staff Members

Residents within the Cherokee School District at Monday night’s school board meeting were given the opportunity to share their thoughts on a recent policy change that allows staff members to be armed.

Several residents spoke in favor of the new policy and praised the board for being willing to take the initiative and do something in response to mass shootings across the country. Others voiced their concerns, and questioned where potential funding for the firearms and training would come from, and also questioned how much safer schools are because of the change. One Cherokee stakeholder pointed out that gun accidents are the top cause of death among children.

Funding for the Cherokee district’s policy change is being taken from their general budget. School board members say they’re doing what they think is best for the safety of both students and staff.

The Cherokee School Board voted in favor of the policy change in October of last year. Last August, the Spirit Lake School Board voted in favor of allowing non-staff members to carry a handgun on campus.