Cause of Storm Lake Chemical Spill Earlier This Week Revealed

The cause of a chemical spill on Monday morning in Storm Lake has been determined.

According to an investigation, the spill was caused by an improperly secured load in the bed of a truck that is owned by Tyson Foods.

A couple of 275-gallon containers filled with the chemical fell off the bed of a truck that was turning onto Flindt Drive from Lakeshore Drive. The containers came to rest along the curb line in the south lane. The chemical flowed into a nearby storm water intake.

Tyson staff identified the chemical as 1000T. The chemical is produced by EnviroTech Services, and is used to control dust on roads and in parking areas. The chemical is non-toxic. Environmental impact is believed to be minimal.

City officials estimate between 50 and 75 gallons of the chemical was discharged, and most of it was contained in the storm water system. The amount of the chemical that may have entered the lake is unknown.

The Storm Lake Police and Fire Departments responded to the scene within minutes to ensure the spill was contained. The incident was reported to the Iowa DNR. The City of Storm Lake is asking Tyson Foods to provide additional load secure training to its employees.



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