Authorities Respond to Fight at a Ridge View School That Allegedly Stemmed from a TikTok Video

Authorities responded to a report of a fight at the Ridge View Middle School Monday morning that allegedly stemmed from a video on TikTok.

Sac County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the middle school in Early for the alleged fight between a male student from Holstein and another male student from Schaller. During the investigation, law enforcement learned that there may have been a threat of undisclosed violence at a dance scheduled this coming Friday in Holstein. Several students were interviewed, and it was determined that the threat of violence involved the two male students who had been fighting. One of the students had planned on fighting the other student at the dance, but he learned the other student was not going to the dance and decided to assault him at the school. The altercation is allegedly due to a TikTok video that one of those two students had made.

Deputies were dispatched to a residence in Schaller on Monday evening. Authorities learned that the student from Holstein, who had been the primary aggressor in the previous incident, had sent a threatening message to the other male student. Someone allegedly sent a SnapChat photo of a gun. Several parents voiced their concern to school staff. Deputies from the Sac as well as Ida County Sheriff’s Offices interviewed several more students. Authorities didn’t find anything that corroborates the threat of violence with a gun.

Due to this incident, a law enforcement presence will be seen in and around the Ridge View Middle School. If anyone has any information regarding this incident or has seen the alleged SnapChat photo of a gun, contact the Sac County Sheriff’s Office at 712-662-7127 or the Ida County Sheriff’s Office at 712-364-3146.