Iowa Central’s Robotic Experiment

An Iowa College is tapping into the future with artificial intelligence. Iowa Central’s William G. & Marlys Smith Simulation Center revealed its newest teaching tool last Friday during an open house.

Gaumard Scientific HAL S5301 is the center’s first simulator manikin to be enhanced with artificial intelligence, located on the fourth floor of UnityPoint Health Trinity Regional Medical Center. Nicknamed Hal is making a debut for the state of Iowa in A.I., costing $135,000.

Iowa Central’s Simulation Center has nine teaching manikins but Hal is different with the help of A.I. technology which can recognize human speech, responding appropriately and can be controlled to sweat, bleed, cry, or even have a seizure.

According to Ulrich, Hal is one part of a significant investment to upgrade the simulation center, which opened in 2016. The manikin allows students to experience a wide range of cases that may not always be present at the bedside.



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