Testimony Continues in Goyne Yarns Murder Trial

Testimony is ongoing in the 1st degree murder trial of Christian Goyne Yarns, accused of shooting Shelby Woizeschke earlier this year in the parking lot of GrapeTree Medical Staffing in Milford.

Among those taking the stand was an I-T person who reviewed with jurors footage of security video showing the suspect pickup as it entered the premises the day of the shooting, which matched descriptions provided in earlier testimony. The video depicted the pickup entering the parking lot, leaving, then coming back. Another video depicts a person getting out of the pickup and walking toward another vehicle that had just arrived, followed by an image of a person on the ground. Defense attorneys argued the video is vague and doesn’t show anyone getting out of the pickup.

Jurors also viewed dash cam video taken by Dickinson county sheriff’s deputy Josh Roberts as he was responding to the scene. It shows the suspect vehicle matching the previously given descriptions.

Additional testimony later in the day included that from some former co-workers of Goyne Yarns at Pure Fishing who described him as acting odd the day of the shooting and that he went missing from work later that morning. One of the workers testified that Goyne Yarns told him he was a suspect in a shooting once he did return to work. Jurors also heard from the man who owned the gun alleged to have been used in the shooting. He testified the gun had been traded to the defendant’s grandfather, who also took that stand and told jurors he had received a gun case but didn’t open it and put it in his grandson’s pickup. A sanitation worker with the city of Spirit Lake who found the case in a dumpster outside Goyne Yarns’ apartment testified Wednesday that he became suspicious and contacted authorities after hearing about the shooting and had learned a similar gun had been used in the incident.

Testimony is likely to continue the rest of the week in Storm Lake.

(courtesy KUOO in Spirit Lake)


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