Sioux City Cat Ends Up in Illinois (Here’s how you can help)

A cat from Sioux City was found earlier this week in Illinois. A family in Hamel, Illinois found the cat roaming around their neighborhood looking lethargic. The family took the cat to a vet for treatment and to return it safely to its home.

Sarah Shipton, creator of a nonprofit cat rescue business named “Catty Shack” says that her team found a microchip linked to a Rescue Center in Sioux City. Shipton called the shelter, which confirmed that the cat was previously theirs, and passed on the owner’s contact information. However, Shipton has tried multiple times and cannot reach the owner.

The cat has been shared on Facebook by Catty Shack and adopted the nickname “Iowa.” The cat previously went by “Chloe.” While continuing to track down the rightful owners, the cat was taken in by an Illinois vet in her home in order to heal her injuries and put the cat on a feeding tube. Catty Shack has been raising money to help pay for her bills.

Catty Shack is a nonprofit organization, which is entirely run by volunteers and has assisted in helping out over 1,800 cats since 2017. Follow Catty Shack on Facebook for the latest updates or visit to help bring “Iowa” back home.