Schaller Man Charged for Allegedly Threatening Female With Handgun

A Schaller man was arrested this past weekend for threatening a woman with a handgun.

According to the Sac County Sheriff’s Office, deputies met with a female at the Sparky’s store in Schaller last Friday morning. The female alleged that an unknown male entered a house she was sleeping in at 309 Selkirk Street in Schaller and told her she needed to leave the house. The man allegedly pointed a handgun or similar weapon at her during the confrontation.

The man was later identified as 25-year-old Jeremy Barker of Schaller. At around 2:45 Sunday afternoon, deputies contacted Barker at his residence. Barker told investigators that he was called by a third party, and was asked to go to the house where the female victim was staying to make sure she was out of the house. Barker admitted that he had a handgun in his hand, but denied pointing it at the female. Barker told investigators that he knew there were swords in the home, which is why he was carrying a pistol.

Barker was arrested and transported to the Sac County Jail. He was charged with Assault While Displaying a Dangerous Weapon, an aggravated misdemeanor. Barker has since been released from jail after posting a two-thousand dollar bond.


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