Suspect in Murder of Mother in Sheldon Pleads Not Guilty

A Rock Rapids man has pleaded not guilty to a 1st-degree murder charge in O’Brien county.

In a written arraignment, 41-year-old Nathaniel Kassel pleaded not guilty to murdering his mother back on March 23rd. According to a criminal complaint, Kassel was living with his mother, 62-year-old Jody Duskin. He allegedly messaged other family members on March 22nd, stating “I’m killing Jody.” Later the same day, Kassel was overheard in a phone conversation stating he made a mistake and hurt someone. A pair of witnesses claimed that Kassel was in possession of a handgun on the same date. Kassel reportedly told individuals in the early morning hours of March 23rd that Duskin was sick and could not go to work.

According to documents, Duskin was shot in the head in a bedroom of a residence in Sheldon. Kassel was apprehended in Flandreau, South Dakota. He was found to be in possession of two of the handguns from the residence.