Storm Lake City Council Holds Dog Ordinance Work Session

A work session was held at the Storm Lake City Council meeting on Monday regarding the City’s dog ordinance.

Police Chief Chris Cole said they receive three types of animal-related complaints including dogs and cats running loose, disturbing the peace, and welfare checks. Cole said from January to July of 2021, there were 343 animal complaints in Storm Lake. There have been around 315 animal complaints this year. Cole said owners are required to keep pets on their own property, and it’s a violation if pets can reach a sidewalk because a leash is too long.

Council member Maggie Martinez said there is a problem with dogs in the community…(audio clip below :38 )

Martinez said all community members should be more proactive in reporting animal violations.

Mayor Mike Porsch asked Chief Cole is there is anything in the ordinance that the police department would like to see changed. Cole said the ordinance is “reasonable for the most part” and said most of the complaints they receive involve dogs running loose…(audio clip below :32 )

City Manager Keri Navratil said she’s seen some ordinances where pets are not allowed at certain events and said it’s something the City could research, which the council members are in favor of.

Dog and cat licensing in Storm Lake is ten-dollars if they are spayed, and 20-dollars if they are not spayed. Licensing is good for one year.



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