Senior Golf Tour Member Voices Displeasure with Storm Lake Trail Fee

The Storm Lake City Council on Monday heard a complaint from a local resident regarding trail fees at the Sunrise Pointe Golf Course.

Craig Boyd is a member of a traveling senior group that has toured northwest Iowa courses for the last 40 years. Boyd and other members of the senior tour disagree with trail fees that were recently universally implemented at Sunrise, which acts as the City’s municipal golf course. Boyd said the senior tour members haven’t had to pay trail fees at any other course they’ve played at over the years…(audio clip below :32 )

Boyd gave the council an ultimatum, saying they “either want the senior tour to continue in Storm Lake, or they don’t.”

The trail fees at Sunrise Pointe only apply to those that bring their own golf cart, and the cost is ten-dollars per cart. Mayor Mike Porsch pointed out that with two people per cart, that would amount to five-dollars per person.

King’s Pointe general manager Amy Von Bank said the resort is trying to enforce rules for all of their services consistently with everybody…(audio clip below :31 )

Von Bank said green fee discounts are offered for larger groups.

The seniors tour is set to play at Sunrise Pointe in September. The council will hold a work session regarding the fee resolution at their August 15th meeting, and possibly vote on whether to make an exception to the resolution.