Change Expected to be Made for Storm Lake Garbage/Recycling Pickup Days

There will likely soon be a change in collection dates for residential garbage and recycling pickup in Storm Lake.

Carroll Refuse Service President Curt Snyder informed the Storm Lake City Council at Monday’s meeting. He said they currently do recycling pickup in one half of town on Mondays and in the other half on Fridays, and collect garbage on Tuesdays and Thursdays…

Snyder said another positive of the change is if they run into a holiday or adverse weather, they can simply move it back one day as they’ll have room the remainder of the week to get it done.

Snyder said letters will be sent out to Storm Lake residents…

The change in Storm Lake garbage and recycling pickup days is expected to begin by June. The switch would be for residential only, while commercial would stay the same. Snyder said this procedure is used in the other 31 cities that they service, and it works well.


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