BV Supervisors Continue Discussion on Colorize Options ; Agree to Gather More Information

Following a nearly hour-long discussion at their meeting today (Tues), the Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors voted to continue reviewing options pertaining to how to utilize the recently purchased Colorize building.

Supervisor Kelly Snyder identified three main concerns including creating more space for the treasurer/driver’s license areas, storing and transporting voting machines, and finding a better spot for the Veterans Affairs office. Snyder proposes moving the auditor’s office and voting machines to the Colorize Building to free up space for the driver’s license area in the current Auditor’s office at the courthouse. Snyder and Supervisor Paul Merten are considering putting the VA in the Supervisors meeting room and auditor’s office. Snyder is looking for the best and most cost-effective solution.

Supervisor Kathy Croker proposes creating an election center in the courthouse lobby, and eliminating the wildlife area. Croker’s main concerns center around what she calls a lack of parking availability around the Colorize building, and moving the Auditor’s office out of the courthouse, although she agrees election security is something they need to be concerned about.

Election Deputy Karla Ahrendsen questioned what time frame the county is looking at…

BV Veterans Affairs Service Officer Jerry Weiland feels the Colorize building would be a great option for the department, and said their current location in the courthouse is a liability to the county…

Supervisor Rhonda Ringgenberg requested cost estimates on all of the different scenarios, and then make a decision in a few weeks when the new fiscal year begins. Croker also wants to gather public input.