Bracelet from Local Jewelry Store Will be Included in a Chest of Chance Bag at St. Mary’s Ball and Auction

A pricey bracelet is a headline prize at the upcoming Storm Lake St. Mary’s Ball and Charity Auction.

Chest of Chance bags will be available to purchase at the event, which will be held on Saturday, March 9th at the Buena Vista University Siebens Forum. One of the bags will contain a 14K yellow gold diamond bracelet from Paxtons Jewelry, which is valued at nearly 28 hundred dollars. The bags can be purchased for 40 dollars apiece.

The Chest of Chance will feature a wine pull with a variety of wines featured. Citizens can contribute by donating their favorite bottle of wine at the St. Mary’s Parish Office by February 15th.

The St. Mary’s Ball and Charity Auction theme this year is “A Night Among Stars.” Tickets are available online at or at the parish office. Funds raised from the event directly contribute to school enhancements and help keep tuition affordable at St. Mary’s.

For questions or other ways to contribute, contact Ellen Gruntorad at 732-3110 or


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