St. Patrick’s Day Known as Deadliest Week in U.S.

Of course today is very festive with it being St. Patrick’s Day, hopefully you didn’t forget to wear your green by the way. While it’s fun to wear the color green, drink a variety of beverages, and celebrate with family and friends, it’s a great time to be reminded to be responsible. The week of St. Patrick’s Day is one of the deadliest times in the United States for car crashes.

Last year, 48 people were either seriously injured or were killed in car-related crashes on Iowa roadways around St. Patrick’s Day. The Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau kindly reminds citizens to make the smart decision to plan for a sober ride if you will be indulging alcohol.

Also, if you offered to be the designated driver, then please honor that request by staying clean. With it being a Friday, their will probably be a good amount of celebrations around the area tonight.



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