Clay County Fair Supported Several Non-Profits Last Year

The Clay County Fair and Events Center helped local non-profits raise over 600-thousand dollars last year.

At the 2022 Clay County Fair, 12 local non-profit organizations raised more than 618-thousand dollars through their food and beverage concessions, bingo, and shuttles to support their philanthropic activities. The organizations include Clay County Cattlemen, Clay County Pork Producers, Peterson Lions, among others.

The Clay County Fair Association directly spent over 1.6-million dollars with Clay County businesses and residents last year. A total of 750 4H and FFA youth from 46 counties in Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska were part of livestock and human science events at the 2022 Clay County Fair.

The Fair Association supported 34 non-profit groups and charities in 2022 by providing ten-thousand dollars worth of merchandise, concert/event tickets, and admission tickets for their fundraising events, or by serving as a sponsor and/or host.

Nearly 358-thousand people visited the Clay County Events Center last year, either by attending the fair, or one of the other 246 events held throughout the year.


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