AgState Reports Good Numbers for 2022

The AgState annual report that was presented earlier this week showed good numbers in their first year as a united co-op in 2022.

The company showed sales of 1.5-billion dollars, and a net savings of 21.5-million. 7.5-million dollars of this year’s profits were allocated to 45-hundred members. The cash distributed to the membership at the annual meeting was 5.9-million.

AgState had a record year in grain handling at over 140-million bushels. Over 30-million of those bushels were consumed by the AgState feed business. AgState’s Energy department provided 19.6-million gallons of refined fuels and propane.

Ag Partners and First Cooperative merged in September of last year, and the AgState name was announced early this year. AgState has 475 employees among its 34 locations in northwest Iowa. The company provides products and services to local producers in grain, agronomy, feed, and energy.