Unique Farm Safety on Highway Presentation to be Given to Storm Lake High School Students Next Week

A Buena Vista University class is partnering with BV County Farm Bureau to host a one-of-a-kind education presentation for Storm Lake High School students.

BVU junior and member of the university’s integrated campaign class, Josh Tigges (Tig-us) says the zombie-themed event will focus on farm safety on the highway, especially with the planting season on the horizon…(audio clip below :25 )

The presentation will be given just outside the main entrance of the high school this coming Tuesday, April 11th from 11:30am to 1pm. It will feature a mock-movie scene with a director that will align scenes and describe the importance of highwaysafety habits…(audio clip below :36 )

Following the mock-movie presentation, students will be invited to play a zombie-based checkers game at a mini-game booth, with an opportunity to win prizes.

Over 11-hundred vehicle-tractor accidents occur within Midwest states each year.