Storm Lake Soliciting Bidders for Sidewalk Replacement

The City of Storm Lake is currently soliciting contractor bids for needed sidewalk repairs.

The City conducts an annual sidewalk inspection program to ensure safety standards are met. Property owners have 60 days to make needed repairs if the sidewalk fails to meet standards. If repairs or replacement is not done within that time, the sidewalk is added to an assessment list, and the City hires a contractor to do the work. The cost is then assessed back to the property owner through the property taxation system.

The successful bidder should have experience with removing and replacing sidewalks, and be able to provide references. Bids must be submitted by the end of the business day on August 31st. Forms are available at City Hall.

There are currently 17 walk areas in Storm Lake that need to be removed or installed. Work should be completed between September 7th of this year and May 13th of next year.