Planning and Zoning Approves Permit for New Storm Lake Water Tower

The Storm Lake Planning and Zoning Board on Tuesday unanimously approved a conditional use permit to allow a new water tower to be constructed.

The proposed site for the new tower is 228 Mae Street, which is south of the Tyson Pork Plant. According to City Building Official Scott Olesen, another water tower is needed to provide adequate storage supply for the growing community, and to ensure capacity for firefighting.

The new tower would be the largest in Storm Lake. The City’s three current towers hold a combined 1.75-million gallons of water, while the new one would add 1.5-million. Approximately 3.2-million gallons of water are used per day in Storm Lake, with peaks of up to five-million gallons daily.

The issue now goes before the Board of Adjustment for potential approval, with a meeting scheduled this Thursday at 5:30pm. If the water tower is approved, the City of Storm Lake would negotiate to take ownership of the lot by December, with hopes of constructing the tower in 2023. The City would seek grants to help with the cost of the project.



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