Storm Lake Proud Beautification Effort Expanding

The Storm Lake Proud Beautification effort is expanding this year, as Mayor Mike Porsch explained at this week’s city council meeting…

There are 25 different projects in need of volunteers during the month of May or any time. Find the list below.

A City-Wide Clean Up will be offered on May 4th…

Unwanted household items can be dropped off at the Public Services Shop from 8:30am to noon on May 4th. Furniture, push mowers, car batteries, grills, carpeting, electronics, appliances, plastic goods, personal vehicle tires not mounted on rims, and other bulky home items will be accepted.

A One-Bag Challenge is also being offered during Storm Lake Proud Month in May for those who might not be able to take on a larger project. Individuals are challenged to fill one large trash bag during the month with trash or refuse from any of the public areas in the community. Bags are available at City Hall.

Storm Lake city leaders hope to offer a second City-Wide Clean-Up event in the fall.

Here is a list of projects in need of volunteers, during the month of May or any time:

  • Adopt a Storm Water Feature – pick up trash and pull weeds – year long commitment
  • Adopt a Park – pick up trash and sticks – year long commitment
  • Adopt a Beach – pick up trash – year long commitment
  • Stain picnic tables at the campground
  • Pick up sticks and debris in the parks
  • Pick up sticks and debris at Discovery Center
  • Mulch in the parks and around playground equipment
  • Paint park benches at various park locations
  • Wash windows at Chautauqua Park Shelter House
  • Clean Chautauqua Park Shelter House
  • Paint inside of Chautauqua Park Shelter House
  • Pick up trash from parks or collect filled garbage bags
  • Collect trash and refuse at beaches
  • Paint picnic grills in the parks
  • Clean up retention pond area on north side of Meridian
  • Paint tennis/racquetball court backboard
  • Walk ditches from golf course to Highway 7 & 71
  • Clean up art lighthouses (wipe down with water)
  • Put together fire rings at campground
  • Create tree museum inventory
  • Check dock signs – see if any need to be replaced
  • Paint Storm Lake entry signs (7 & 71 Lighthouse, Frank Starr Park and Walmart areas.)

1 bag challenge of picking up garbage for residents

  • Repaint anchor at Chautauqua Park needs jetty (use wire brush first)
  • Touch up paint on trail lights
  • Other ideas for beautification needs? The City is open for suggestions.