Storm Lake Police Warns of Likely Scam Attempts

The Storm Lake Police Department is warning the public about a couple of likely scam attempts that are making the rounds.

The department says one of their officers this (Fri) morning received an automated call from a 712-299 prefix indicating that their Verizon service was suspended, and the recipient was asked to enter information to “validate” their account. The officer quickly recognized this as a potential scam and hung up. No Verizon service was suspended. There have been similar reports regarding Netflix accounts via text messages.

Storm Lake Police remind citizens that they don’t have to answer calls from numbers they don’t know, and most businesses won’t ask you to verify anything over the phone if you didn’t initiate the call. Citizens are urged to be cautious with your personal information on calls, texts, and emails.

Contact the Storm Lake Police Department if you have any questions or concerns about scams.


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