Storm Lake Annual Sidewalk Safety Inspections Getting Underway Soon

The City of Storm Lake’s annual sidewalk inspections will get underway during the third week in April, and will continue into May.

According to a news release from the City, the inspections this year will focus on Zones One and Two in the central business district and southern portions of town. The Storm Lake Sidewalk Inspections Program is designed to ensure that the City’s pedestrian pathways are kept in safe condition for everyone that uses them. The program also provides property owners with notice when sidewalks are in need of improvement to help prevent personal injury from pedestrian traffic.

The City of Storm Lake reminds residents that property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk on their property. Permanent removal of existing sidewalk to resolve a violation condition is not allowed. The City inspects sidewalks for seven different violations. Specifics regarding Storm Lake sidewalk violations can be found below.

The Storm Lake community is broken up into five zones. Zone One in the central business district is the most heavily traveled zone, and is inspected annually. All of the Storm Lake LakeTrail recreation path and City-owned sidewalks are also inspected annually. The other four zones are inspected once every four years in rotation.

The City inspects sidewalks for seven specific violations:

a vertical separation of ¾” or more

a deviation from the grade of 4” or more per 10-foot section

sidewalk cracked into four or more pieces per section with a vertical difference of ¾” or more

a portion of the sidewalk missing to full depth

a side-to-side slope greater than 1” per foot

holes or depressions of ¾” or more in depth

a horizontal separation of ¾” or more

Any of these violations that are found will be marked on the pavement and on the Inspection Report notice which will be mailed to the property owner following the inspection. The City also utilizes door tags in three languages to help property owners be aware of situations needing attention.

Property owners with violations are given 60 days from the Inspection Report to locate a contractor if necessary and make repairs. Following the 60-day period, the City will conduct another inspection of the targeted zones to ensure that sidewalks have been brought up to safety standards. If the property owner refuses to make repairs, the City has the right to cause repairs to be made and charge the property owner the costs plus interest and an administrative fee, which if necessary can be done through an assessment on the property.



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