Iowa Drought Numbers Improving According to Latest Monitor

The snow and rain this winter has led to a considerable improvement in drought conditions statewide, although northwest Iowa continues to be plagued by high levels of drought.

This week’s Iowa Drought Monitor shows over 67-percent of the state is at least Abnormally Dry, which is down about seven-percent from last week. Three months ago, close to 93-percent of Iowa was at least Abnormally Dry.

Over 15-percent of the state is in Severe Drought, which is the same as the week before, but the Severe Drought percentage has been cut in half from where it was three months ago. Severe Drought is mostly showing up in northwest Iowa, which includes all of Buena Vista County, and all or parts of surrounding counties.

Small portions of Woodbury and Monona counties continue to experience Exceptional Drought, which is the highest level possible. The next-highest level, Extreme Drought, is down slightly from last week, with portions of Woodbury, Monona, and Harrison counties affected.