Improved Attendance in the Storm Lake School District

The Storm Lake Community School District Board of Education held its regularly scheduled meeting yesterday (Wed) to discuss multiple topics. Superintendent Stacey Cole spoke about the attendance rates displayed by students. The attendance rates were separated into three categories: satisfactory, warning, and chronic.

Cole explained that chronic absentee rates are bad in Pre-K and First Grade then rises to Satisfactory before dipping back down in 11th and 12th Grade. However, she was able to share positive numbers from the growth of over a year ago.

Cole attributed much of the recognition to the individuals that work in student services. In addition, Superintendent Cole said that she has talked to some school staff members about ways that they can help distribute this information out to parents, since many parents entrust them to help their kids graduate.

Plus this way, it would help parents on what they can do at home in order for their child to be successful. Listen to comments made by Superintedent Stacey Cole from March 15th’s meeting.