Five Northwest Iowans Indicted on Federal Drug Charges

Twelve people, including five northwest Iowans have been federally indicted for drug conspiracy, 11 of whom were convicted by plea or trial and sentenced.

The US Attorney’s office says Dustin Martinez of Sutherland, Carl Thompson of Larrabee, and Jeffrey Linn, Jason Werner, and Craig Miller, all of Cherokee have been sentenced. Martinez faces an 87-month term, Thompson 45 months, Linn 34 months, Werner 28 months, and Miller 36 months. The others allegedly involved were all from the states of Nevada and California.

The US Attorney’s office says that over the course of the multi-jurisdictional investigation, various law enforcement agencies seized 46 pounds of methamphetamine, half a pound of fentanyl (pills), half a pound of heroin, and a firearm.

Various defendants, including the northwest Iowans, also admitted to their involvement in the distribution of at least 30 more pounds of methamphetamine over about the same conspiracy time frame.

(thanks to Community First Broadcasting station KIWA in Sheldon)


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