Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign Happening For The Next Week

The Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau is partnering with law enforcement across Iowa for a campaign to cut down on distracted driving.

April is “National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.” Starting today (Mon) through April 8th, the campaign’s focus is to deter multitasking while driving. Motorists will see increased law enforcement efforts to educate those found illegally using electronic devices. The slogan of the campaign is “No One is a Good DISTRACTED Driver.”

Distracted driving is a primary law in Iowa. Law enforcement can stop any driver who is texting or using any portable electronic device, unless the motor vehicle is at a complete stop off the traveled portion of the road.

A 2023 GTSB State Fair survey of over 1,450 Iowans revealed 51-percent admitted to always or sometimes driving with a cell phone in hand, which translates to over 1.2 million distracted drivers. Last year, over nine-thousand drivers were issued citations for illegal use of an electronic device while driving compared to over 14-hundred in 2022.

The Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau encourages drivers to enable the ‘driving’ focus feature on their phone and use hands-free features. GTSB works with city, county, state, and local organizations to develop and implement strategies to reduce deaths and injuries on Iowa’s roadways using federally-funded grants.