City of Storm Lake Explains Proposed Water Rate Increases

The City of Storm Lake has released information regarding proposed water utility bill increases.

A press release states that a resident recently contacted the City, wondering how an average water utility bill would be only $30.94 with a currently proposed seven-percent increase. According to the City, water service is only one component of what is commonly referred to as the “water bill.” The utility bill sent by the City also includes separate wastewater, storm sewer, and landfill operation fees. Proceeds from the proposed seven-percent increase will not only provide for daily water operations, but will also help fund planned improvement projects that are necessary to keep the water system operating effectively and efficiently for Storm Lake residents.

Projects such as a new water tower, additional wells, and an 18-million dollar transmission line that will run from 10th Street to Tyson Foods’ pork and turkey plants are needed to improve the aging portions of the City’s systems. The City says asking for a modest increase in water bills now to keep pace with the needs will prevent a large increase from having to be imposed in a single year later on. The City of Storm Lake plans to work diligently to leverage the local funds from customers with available grant money from federal and state sources to responsibly maintain infrastructure with the least possible burden on residents.

The seven-percent increase would equal an additional $1.36 on the average monthly water bill. Storm Lake would still be around the lower third of Iowa cities in water billing. If approved by the city council, the new Storm Lake rate would remain below the 2023 Iowa state average water billing of 32-dollars, and national median of 35-dollars. Those numbers are reported by



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