Casey’s Arrest in Storm Lake

Storm Lake Officers were called to Casey’s on 825 Flindt Dr. on Wednesday after a payment dispute took place. The officers were informed by Casey’s staff members that a male customer’s payment was declined, which led to a refusal of payment from the customer. He was identified as Manuel Alejandro Gonzalez, age 28, of Storm Lake.

The smell of alcohol illuminated from Gonzalez. Upon apprehending him to take him into custody, Gonzalez resisted and ended up striking an officer in the face with his fist. However, officers were able to contain Gonzalez with help from a Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Gonzalez was taken into custody on the scene, where he was later transported to the Buena Vista County Jail for further investigation. The injured officer did receive medical treatment at the Buena Vista Regional Medical Center for bodily injuries to the face and arm.

Gonzalez was charged with Trespass Causing Injury (serious misdemeanor), Assault on a Peace Officer Causing Bodily Injury (aggravated misdemeanor), Operating While Intoxicated 2nd Offense (aggravated misdemeanor), Public Intoxication (simple misdemeanor), and Driving While Suspended (simple misdemeanor). Gonzalez was booked into the Buena Vista County Jail on a $5,791 bond.



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