BV County Board Votes to Sell Colorize Building

Following a lengthy discussion, the Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday decided on a 3-2 vote to sell the former Colorize building that the county had previously obtained.

The move stemmed from concerns over the potential relocation of the Auditor’s office, equipment, and which county departments might occupy the building. Last year, the county purchased the building after a recommendation was made to do so by Auditor Sue Lloyd, with the thought of moving the Auditor/Election departments to that location. Lloyd said the move would free up space at the county jail where election equipment is held, and said it would make it easier for voting machines to be transported to precincts during election.

Supervisors Kathy Croker, Rhonda Ringgenberg, and Don Altena voted in favor of selling the Colorize building. Supervisors Paul Merten and Kelly Snyder voted against it. The motion to sell the Colorize building was made by Supervisor Croker, who said while it could be a good fit, she isn’t in favor of the Auditor moving out of the courthouse.

Election Deputy Karla Ahrendsen said it’s about more than just the cages. She highlighted that having everything on one floor would be more convenient. She said just moving equipment out of the courthouse would make it impossible to do her job.

Supervisor Merten said the public isn’t typically dependent on going to multiple locations in a single visit to take care of county business. Merten felt they could make the Auditor relocation work, but pushed for a decision to be made, even if that meant selling the building, so they would save the cost of remodeling. Supervisor Altena said they should go back to the beginning in the process.

The county purchased the Colorize building for 340-thousand dollars this past summer.

Listen to comments being made by both Supervisor Croker and Deputy Karla Ahrendsen.



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