Another Major Ethanol Producer Signs Onto Summit Carbon Solutions Pipeline Project

An additional company has signed on as a shipper with Summit Carbon Solution’s proposed CO2 pipeline.

Valero’s eight ethanol facilities in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, and South Dakota will be incorporated into the proposed project. Those facilities produce 1.1 billion gallons of ethanol per year, producing 3.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. With the inclusion of Valero, Summit’s proposed project now extends to 57 ethanol facilities across the upper Midwest.

Summit’s carbon capture pipeline project is proposed to run through a number of area counties including Ida, Cherokee, O’Brien, Clay, and Palo Alto . It’s generating considerable controversy over safety and other concerns, including any possible use of eminent domain to obtain right-of-way from property owners who are opposed to the project.

(thanks to Community First Broadcasting station KUOO in Spirit Lake for contributing)


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