116 Units of Blood Collected at Storm Lake November Blood Drives

116 units of blood were collected at four LifeServe Blood Center blood drives that were held in Storm Lake in November.

The blood collected has the ability to save 348 local lives. The blood drives were hosted to support the Buena Vista Regional Medical Center and more than 130 other hospitals served by LifeServe.

Several local donors hit milestones with their most recent donation including Braeden Bailey, Sara Eddie, and Katie Lindgren all one gallon…Ty Seaman two gallons…Jeffrey Wolterman three gallons…Jennifer Dimig five gallons…Paul Sennert six gallons…Julie Cook and Matthew Pearson seven gallons…Mathew Fordyce 11 gallons…Ruth Stark 12 gallons…and Jerene Neir 15 gallons.

The Storm Lake High School encouraged 44 first-time donors.

Two blood drives are scheduled in Storm Lake in December including Tuesday, December 6th from 12:30 to 5:30pm at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church…and Friday, December 23rd from 9am at 1pm at the United Methodist Church.



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