Alta Aurelia Trap Shooters Host Weekend Meet

Saturday, May 13th, the Alta-Aurelia Trap Team hosted a home meet at the Hanover Gun Club.

Teams in attendance; Pocahontas County Shooting Sports, Emmet County Clay Busters, GTRA Bullseyes and Cherokee County Youth Shooting Sports

Senior (High School ) results:

Squad Placement – 1st – Lucy Gunkelman, Allen Brenner, Landon Vanderhoff, Kyler Mattson and Braden Schmidt

Intermediate (Middle School) results:

Gavin Anderson – 1st

Cale Sievers – 2nd

JW Kelsey – 3rd

Kimber Bartholomew – 3rd

Squad Placements:

1st – Kimber Bartholomew, JW Kelsey, Gavin Anderson, Dane Gunkelman and Cale Sievers

3rd  – Holton Falck, Braxton Lytle, Collin LaFever, Nolan Reeves and Landyn Aberson

Rookie (4th & 5th grade) results:

Zander Gonzalez –1st

Olivia Fassler – 1st

Sophie Carlson – 2nd

Lena Cates – 3rd

Squad Placements:

2nd  – Landen Speer, Riley Kestel, Zander Gonzalez, Sophie Carlson and Olivia Fassler

3rd – Mason Childs, Ellie Brown, Lena Cates, Lincoln Ames and Micah Naslund