Witter Gallery Gearing Up for Art-Cuterie Fundraiser Event Next Weekend

Local entertainers are lined up for the Witter Gallery’s “Art-Cuterie : A Charcuterie Board” fundraiser on Saturday, November 5th at 5pm at Lake Avenue Lounge in Storm Lake.

The Charcuterie Board of performers includes Pegg Havens, Jean Knapp, Laura Stansberry, Phil Havens, Mitch Quirin, and Scott Shevel. They will perform poetry and more under the direction of Cindy Cone.

The Storm Lake Area Performers of Tomorrow will also perform selected scenes, and local musicians Mick and Mary Beth Polich will perform as well.

The fundraiser features a unique twists on the boards, which are artistically comprised of meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, and chocolate treats. Guests will get to take home their very own Art-Cuterie boards. Cindy Bosley will provide tips and tricks on making an artful charcuterie board, and other presentations will be made.

Tickets for the event cost 50-dollars each, and are available at the Witter Gallery and from Witter Gallery board members. The Witter Gallery, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is working to raise money for a new wall cover in the gallery to support and enhance the artwork display.