Storm Lake Police Association Announces New Program Which Will Contribute Funds to Local Businesses

The Storm Lake Police Association announced a new program called “Pay It Forward Friday”

The program is designed to thank the community for all the support the police association receives from the public. Beginning this holiday season and continuing for next year, the Storm Lake Police Association will donate funds to local businesses each Friday to “pay it forward” for a portion of customers’ purchases.

“The idea was inspired by all the generosity our officers see from the citizens in our community. We often have people, businesses and organizations come into the police station and thank officers for their service, and really, it should be us thanking them. So we came up with this new idea to reach out and pay that kindness forward to our citizens and businesses,” says Storm Lake Police Association President Patrick Diekman.

Contact the Storm Lake Police Department for more information at 732-8010.

Pictured above…Officers with the “Gloves of Love” tree at the Storm Lake Police Station. Citizens can donate globed and other items for families in need. The “Pay It Forward Friday” program adds to the department’s extensive outreach efforts.