Storm Lake City-Wide Cleanup Event Set in October

The Storm Lake City Council on Monday approved the City’s Fall Clean Up Program to be held on Saturday, October 8th.

The event gives Storm Lake residents the opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. Drop-offs will be accepted at the Public Services Yard at 433 Vilas Road from 8am to 3pm. Items must come from residential properties within City limits.

The City will accept furniture, push mowers, car batteries, grills, carpet, glass, and other bulky home items. The cost will be five-dollars per load, with all proceeds donated to Upper Des Moines Opportunity. There will be an extra five-dollar charge for certain household appliances over five pounds including stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, water heaters and softeners, and air conditioners. There will be an extra charge of two-dollars for tires.

Items NOT allowed for disposal include yard waste, paint, propane tanks, household cleaners, hazardous materials or chemicals., junk vehicles or vehicle parts, oil or gasoline. Toilets, sinks, tubs or other ceramic or porcelain items CANNOT be accepted. No construction materials (including drywall, sheet rock, lumber or shingles) can be accepted for this event. For information on how to dispose of any of those items, contact the Harold Rowley Recycling Center at 732-7171.



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