Kids Rescued After Being Swept Away in Flooded Little Sioux River in Spencer

Two boys were rescued after being swept downstream in the Little Sioux River in Spencer.

The Spencer Police Department and Clay County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 600 block of 4th Street Southeast around 5pm Thursday. Two 12-year-old boys were clinging to a utility pole in the river and were calling out for help. A man identified as Evan Scheck had already entered the water to help the juveniles. Scheck guided one of the boys to shore without assistance. Law enforcement threw a rope with a flotation rescue disk to Scheck, who was able to deliver the device to the 2nd child. Scheck guided the child into the water, and he was pulled to shore by law enforcement.

Both boys escaped uninjured. The boys had attempted to cross the flood walking trail on their bicycles near the footbridge when the current swept them downstream.

The public is reminded to not attempt to cross or use trails in any way when they are flooded. Safety tips for rivers and flood waters include…

Avoid boating and paddling during periods of flooding.  Flooding results in faster flows and currents.  Numerous debris is a result of flooding and the risk of obstructions and hazards increase.  Many hazards are underwater and out of sight which increases the danger.  Water is also cold this time of year and the risk of cold water immersion is high.

Never walk, drive, swim or attempt to cross flood areas.  Water depths are unknown and the current can be strong.  

As a general rule, assume no water is safe.  Always wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket while on the water and have all required safety equipment available and operational at all times.