Phone Scam Circulating That Shows Caller ID Number as BV County Sheriff’s Office

The Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Office has recently received multiple reports of scam calls with the caller ID indicating the phone number is that of the sheriff’s office.

The calls are coming up showing that they are 749-2530. According to BV County Sheriff Kory Elston, in one call the scammer told the individual that she failed to show up to court as ordered by a subpoena, and that she needed to post a three-thousand dollar bond in order to stay out of jail.

Other types of law enforcement-related scams involve the caller telling someone that they, or one of their family members, have an arrest warrant, missed jury duty, or some other civil infraction. Scammers will often demand payments using prepaid credit or gift cards.

Sheriff Elston reminds residents that law enforcement WON’T call and ask for bond money in the form of prepaid credit or gift cards in order to satisfy an arrest warrant or other legal infraction. Residents are reminded to NEVER give out personal or financial information when receiving these types of calls, including a social security number, date of birth, and credit card or bank account information. Residents should simply hang up when receiving calls of this nature.

Contact the Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Office at 712-749-2530 for more information.