Woman Injured in Car/Semi Accident in Sac County

A driver was injured in a car vs semi collision in Sac County.

According to the Sac County Sheriff’s Office, the accident happened around 2:40 Wednesday afternoon in the westbound lane of Highway 20 west of county road N-28. 61-year-old Amy Trompeter of Hinton was traveling west on the highway in the outside lane, when a westbound semi in the inside lane merged into Trompeter’s lane. The vehicle’s collided, which caused Trompeter’s vehicle to swerve across the highway, and it came to rest in the median.

Trompeter received non-life threatening injuries, and was transported by Sac County Ambulance to the Loring Hospital in Sac City.

The driver of the semi was 49-year-old Chad Halverson of West Union. Trompeter’s vehicle received an estimated 15-thousand dollars in damage, while the semi received approximately five-thousand dollars in damage.