Subcommittee Remains Committed to Planning for Marina Property

Despite a delay in the process, the Marina Property Subcommittee remains steadfast in its planning to oversee the marina property in the Casino Beach area and determine the best use of the space.

According to a news release, the subcommittee group remains committed to gathering basic information via online forms and third-party vendors interested in potentially operating a restaurant/bar or full marina.

The deadline to submit forms is Friday, February 23rd for those interested in becoming a third-party vendor. Links to the forms can be found by clicking here.

During a public meeting in late January, the subcommittee stated they needed the public’s assistance to encourage interested parties to complete the forms. Those who submit forms are not accountable, liable, or otherwise bound to what is entered. The anonymous data will be tabulated and shared with the BV County Conservation Board to decide what to do with the property.

The transfer of the deed agreement from the state to the county was expected to be completed a couple of weeks ago. The process is on hold due to changes proposed by the state on what would be deeded to the county. The state initially wanted to retain the fishery/jetty area and the beach at the marina site. The remaining 16.5 acres of the property were expected to be deeded to BV County.


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