Storm Lake Man Sentenced to Prison for Illegal Firearm and Ammunition Possession

A Storm Lake man has been sentenced in Sioux City Federal Court to serve eight years in prison for possessing a stolen firearm and ammunition.

46-year-old Leonard Weimer pleaded guilty early this year to illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. Weimer was previously convicted of multiple felony offenses, including Terrorism, where Weimer shot deputies in two police vehicles. Weimer’s prior felony convictions prohibited him from possessing firearms or ammunition.

Evidence presented at the sentencing hearing showed Weimer possessed a total of seven guns, four of which were stolen during a felony burglary. In April of last year, Weimer was stopped by Storm Lake law enforcement for a traffic violation, and they found a small amount of methamphetamine, as well as a rifle that was stolen from his ex-wife. In May of last year, law enforcement found a 12-gauge shotgun in a separate vehicle owned by Weimer. Officers then searched a residence belonging to Weimer’s ex-girlfriend, where he would stay at times.

A .380 caliber handgun was recovered that was previously given by Weimer to his then nine-year-old son. Weimer’s ex-girlfriend later found four guns and 2,000 rounds of ammunition hidden behind a false wall where Weimer kept his belongings. Those items had been reported stolen from another person associated with Weimer.

Weimer must also serve three-year term of supervised release following imprisonment. He remains in the custody of the U.S. Marshal until he can be transported to a federal prison.