Storm Lake City Council Member Proposes an Indoor Soccer Facility be Constructed

At the Storm Lake City Council meeting on Monday, council member Tyson Rice requested that the City come up with a plan for an indoor soccer facility, based on the success of the recently added mini-pitch in Chautauqua Park…(audio clip below)

Mayor Mike Porsch agreed that there’s been a lot of activity at the mini-pitch since it opened last month.

Council member Kevin McKinney wants to make sure that interest in the mini pitch continues in the long run before spending money on an additional facility. Council member Maria Ramos doesn’t think interest in the mini-pitch will lessen because of Storm Lake’s strong Hispanic population. Council member Matt Ricklefs said there needs to be more options and availability for all sports in the community.

Council member Rice suggested the old feed mill property as a potential spot to add a facility. The site is owned by Tyson Foods, and City Manager Keri Navratil said other organizations have approached Tyson about the possibility of acquiring the land.

Navratil said the City will consider Council member Rice’s request as part of capital improvement planning, which is getting underway. Rice said that it may take fundraising and donations to build a new facility rather than just being able to factor it into the City’s budget.