Storm Lake City Council Discuss the Possibility of Adding Regulations to Pets at Public Events

The Storm Lake City Council on Monday held a work session to discuss and determine if regulations are necessary pertaining to dogs and other pets at public events.

City Manager Keri Navratil said this was a city council requested item a few months ago. Navratil said in several communities, event organizers determine if dogs are allowed at public events, and many don’t allow dogs at certain parks or designated events. She said in a couple communities, dogs have to be at least 150 feet away from any parade route…(audio clip below :37 )

Council member Tyson Rice pointed out that there are several homes right along the Star Spangled Spectacular parade route on the 4th of July.

Navratil said there haven’t been any negative instances with dogs at Storm Lake events that she’s aware of. Council member Rice said he isn’t in favor putting any rules in place if there haven’t been any issues…(audio clip below :15 )

Council member Kevin McKinney said the only need for a pet ordinance might be the Star Spangled Spectacular where so many people are condensed in city parks.

The council agreed to continue to monitor the situation and readdress it if any issues come up.



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