Rolfe Woman Receives Several Animal Neglect Charges for Leaving Cats in Unsanitary Conditions

A Rolfe woman, who left several cats and kittens in unsanitary conditions, has been charged with 34 counts of Animal Neglect.

According to the Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Office, late in the afternoon on June 22nd, law enforcement was called to the residence at 204 Walnut Street in Rolfe. Approximately 30 cats and kittens were discovered without food and water in the vacated house. Law enforcement was advised that 51-year-old Jennifer Sproston had been bringing the cats to the residence and keeping them there.

The Animal Rescue League removed 34 cats and kittens from the residence this past Friday, June 24th. Several of the cats were thin, and all of them had ear mites and fleas. Veterinary technicians also stated that one cat had an injury to his right ear, which appeared to be a bite wound.

On Thursday of this week, Sproston was arrested by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office. She was subsequently transported to the Pocahontas County Jail, where she was booked on a ten-thousand dollar bond.



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